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tv   Today  NBC  March 9, 2012 2:05am-3:05am PST

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. thirst day thursday, march 8th, in case you're wondering, international women's day, which has been observed since i was born in 1910. >> that's one of those holidays you don't forget. >> yeah. >> we had fun yesterday, didn't we? >> we did, we did. it's been an unusual theater season on broadway.
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>> yes. >> not a lot of brand-new musicals. a couple of great new plays. but it seems like a kind of a thin season. >> "godspell" -- we went to see it. >> it's been around 40 years. >> forever. >> yeah. >> you know what song you'll know from this? ♪ day by day oh, dear lord >> that's from that. it was really fun, a very youthful, fun cast that could sing their begonias off. >> yes. >> what's weird is when you're in the audience watching a broadway show, they're on stage and you're in the audience -- what's it called? >> the fourth wall is the -- yeah. >> it means that they do their thing and they don't know you're sitting there. >> we get to observe. >> well, they came from the stage to the audience. that always gets you, like, oh, what's happening? then they decided we would make good props. >> they grabbed hoda woman to play pictionary. >> don't ask.
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i wore my coat and scarf. >> looks like shamu of the north. >> i get cold in theaters. during the show, i was supposed to draw something. what the heck was it? an elephant, thank you, sara, and a birthday cake. >> a parable of jesus. there is no elephant in a parable of jesus. >> i draw what i want. moments later kathie lee was snatched from the crowd and was dragged out in front. you were doing -- >> when someone asks you to walk with them, you know, a certain amount of -- you walk another mile with them. >> she acted out as if it were charades. >> yeah. that is hunter parrish. i know -- i remember him. he was excellent in "spring awakening," but i kept thinking to myself where in the world do i know this great-looking kid from? >> he plays jesus by the way. >> he plays jesus. he was the son in "it's complicated." remember meryl streep? i went of course. we went backstage to meet with the cast. we loved the show. so adorable.
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>> there were so many teenagers in the audience. look at you. you do not mess around. >> no. >> talk about stealing the whole thing. that's what happened right there. these high school kids were like -- at intermission we were talking to bunch of them and stuff. they said what's your favorite part? they said jesus. he is so hot. which, by the way -- >> he is. >> he is adorable. >> and so talented. >> that's the whole cast. >> you wonder how a show will hold up. we saw "porgy and bess" a couple weeks ago. different, changed it, but it's beautiful. "godspell" holds up because they've changed so much of the patter and made it very contemporary. >> funny jokes. >> kids were loving it. >> donald trump has a lot of shoutouts. you've got to see it. >> they gave us wine, what frank calls halftime, the rest of us call intermission, they serve "godspell" wine. >> sweet guy.
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>> from jesus to this. >> yes. jessica simpson graces the cover. her pregnancy shot. kind of one similar to demi moore's -- exactly the same, actually. >> yeah. >> there it is. there's demi moore's. >> she even wore a ring on the same finger. they're carrying a little differently. >> they are. >> yes. but they both have -- she had girls, and jessica's expecting a girl. >> when is she due? soon. >> spring baby, anytime. i don't know. what do you think of it, hoda? we've seen it before so it's not for shock value. >> that's exactly what i was going to say. you look at something like this, the first time it happened, everybody went, oh my gosh. this you sort of feel like you've seen it and there are a couple other pictures inside. >> there's one where he's kissing her belly. he's kissing her belly. i don't know about you guys, but i never felt less attractive in my entire life when i was nine months pregnant. i wouldn't let my dog kiss me. if you know what i mean. >> a lot of people deciding on names, some pick unique names
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like apple, moses. >> that's an old one. >> anyway -- >> that one's been around, oh, about 4,000 years. >> she says she's going to choose a nontraditional name but not shocking. a lot of parents have regret after they name their child, and they sign the papers and go, oh, is that the right name? because that name is going to be forever. >> there are a lot of stories about parents who have regrets and try to change their kids' names afterwards. i think that can mess with a kids' head. they're already -- joanne lamarco, who shall remain nameless, her mother wanted to call her joanna, then call her that. >> who cares what it says on the birth certificate? okay. >> so sorry she ever tells us anything. it goes from the dressing room right to the show. thank you, joanne. >> speaking of babies, snooki is having one. she has some choice -- >> my head is going to explode. >> before this, we're going to
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show you -- they call this in the papers -- we like "the post." it always has great headlines. snooki's baby talk. interesting quotes about snookiism. on being pregnant, she says, it feels like i'm hung over. on breast-feeding -- what does she say? >> i want to because i'll lose weight quicker. >> quicker. okay. what labor feels like. she says -- >> this one i can't believe. >> she says you know when you hold a fart in and it hurts? >> no, snooki. tell us about it. >> that's what she says she believes -- >> let me tell you something, i've had two babies and that's not how it feels. if anybody agrees with that, we'd love to hear you on facebook. >> yeah. >> she's in for a big surprise if she thinks that's how it hurts. whew. i almost killed frank. almost killed him. >> did you say terrible things in the delivery room? >> no. you go lamaze and you need your partner there. he's your coach. >> were you screaming? >> frank did a great -- who
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cares about me, i know, but 16 hours of labor with no anesthetic at all and no -- because i was having a baby. nothing. and then had to have an emergency cesarean. but the point of it being, i'm doing just lamaze. just lamaze. that's it. you need the guy there going -- breathing. i don't even remember anymore. he got screwed up. >> he couldn't get it right? >> he got screwed up. he's looking at the clock. what is it. hmm. oh, i don't even know the language i used. >> were you screaming? >> screaming. because you're fine as long as you're doing it. and it is great. >> yeah. >> he was over my -- with that -- for 16 hours. he had back surgery the next week. >> because of bending over? >> yep. he already had a bad back. so i feel bad outing him about this. >> my friend said she was tearing the sheets with her teeth and screaming the f-bomb at her husband, like how could you have done this to me. >> that's going to be snooki.
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>> here's someone that you have a major bone to pick. there is a billionaire on the list of the richest people and her name is sara blakeley. if it doesn't ring be a bell to you, it does to kathie lee. she is the one -- >> she alleges -- not me because i'm not wearing one today. because i'm mad at her. >> she is the inventor of spanx. she's a billionaire at age 41. as you might remember, someone else at this table, not me, said they invented spanx. >> first of all, i'm happy for her. i think anytime you take an idea like that and you run with it, good for you. i'm the idiot because i had the idea and didn't run with it. >> what was the idea? when did you have it? >> years and years ago with regis. i used to wear those body smoothers. they were tight and held you in. but i didn't want to wear nylons on the bottoms of my legs. i would cut them off at the knees. and that that's what it is. here's what i'm doing. i'm calling her today. she owes me a little something.
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throw me a bone. i'll ask her to invest in my musical. the least she can do. >> ready for fun? get ready. >> this is not going to be fun. >> if you want to dance, i'm telling you right now, you'll want to put your dancing shoes on or get up off the couch. >> or go home. >> if you're still sitting on the couch when you hear this song, i don't even know you. cnc music factory, old school, called "going to make you sweat." go. you're going to love it. ♪ everybody dance now ♪ >> come on. ♪ everybody dance now >> come on. you can't sit still. >> i am sitting still. >> no. come on. ah. ♪ you feel the music ♪ you feel the music ♪ >> come on, kath, throw us a bone. >> can't do it. jimmy, you are a broadway you know what.
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you know it. >> shake it, shake it. >> jimmy, he's just trying to be nice. >> no. no. everyone's toe tapping. >> nobody is. nobody. >> calm down. >> does it ever do anything? does it ever rime? >> it's doing something. ♪ >> jump. >> you jump. how can you go from "godspell" to this? >> easy. ♪ day by day >> okay or not okay? >> is it okay to dress your dog in designer clothes? >> kathie lee says it's fine if the dog seems to enjoy it, too. otherwise you wear it. >> you can tell if the they're not comfortable. it's like baby clothes. a lot of babies, you put them in these uncomfortable outfits and you know they hit them. hoda said no it's not okay. better to dress your dude in
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designer duds. >> thank you, brittany. >> isn't it a special day for a certain guy? >> it is. >> were you going to remember, that hoda? >> i was going to say it later. >> show his pictures then. >> it's jay's birthday. happy birthday to jay. >> you'll celebrate it over the weekend and we'll see pictures on monday. >> talking about dressing your dog in designer duds, there was a lot of feedback about the freeze-drying of the dogs after they passed away, they freeze dry them and put them on the couch. that dog is passed away and it's freeze-dried. anyway, people wrote in -- that is scary. people wrote in and were saying things -- they had different suggestions on what to do. >> i don't mind it with the eyes closed. >> 96% of the people thought it was creepy to do that. just letting you know. >> some people think it's creepy to cremate them and -- i have regis on my shelf in the library. not the man, but the dog.
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♪ isn't she lovely time for today's "plaza ambush makeovers," which has the moved to thursdays. once again, two lovely ladies were whisked off the plaza into the very capable hands of our makeover team. let's meet them, shall we? >> "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, louis licari. la, la, la, la, la. >> thank you. >> and author and "today" show contributor jill martin. >> the bikini babe. >> yeah. >> hey. it was a beautiful day outside today. >> gorgeous. there was a ton of people. many women to choose from. i saw some gray hair. i saw at-home color is users. it was just easy to pick. >> okay. let's start with miss amanda, 39 years old from columbus, ohio. as a communications professor,
2:22 am
she's been so busy teaching she doesn't even have time to see how she looks throughout the day. she and her media students were so excited for her to receive a brand-new look. let's take a listen. >> all right. a little pressure here on this broadcasting trip. jordan, you interview your teacher and ask her why she wants a makeover. >> mrs. amanda fountain, you're already so beautiful, but tell us, why do you want this makeover? >> why not? >> good answer. couldn't have had a better one. >> that's it. what do you guys think? ready to see a whole new mrs. fountain? >> oh, yeah. >> here we are with students. raise your hands when your name is called. taylor, nicole, willy, michael, jordan, damon, and arden. keep your blindfolds on. here is amanda fountain before. all right, amanda. let's see the new you! hold on. don't go anywhere. stay right there. you guys ready? take off your blindfolds,
2:23 am
because you're not going to believe it. >> oh! >> are you ready, miss amanda fountain? >> i'm ready. oh my gosh! oh my gosh! >> you're gorgeous. >> look at that! i may take over here. >> yeah, you are. all right. >> look at that. >> amanda is a beautiful girl with her gray hair. you're magnificent without it. >> yes. >> we did it in 20 minutes. her hair's a little softer, a little lighter. she got a great cut that can be worn chic like you are now or wash and wear, you know, in the real world. >> what do you have to say? >> i'm just curious who this model is and where our teacher is. >> you guys are cute. >> and that outfit. >> whoa. >> she looks smoking.
2:24 am
>> i mean, this is -- >> can you keep it up all spring? i'm looking for a prom date this year. >> time-out. time-out. >> okay. >> she said her students had never seen her in a skirt or a dress. we opted for this. >> you look beautiful. >> great job. >> our next lady is erica, 40 from ft. worth, texas, recently turned 40, tired of looking old and ragged. her words. she was thrilled when we approached her on the plaza. she's here with her friend jennifer. let's listen to her story. >> well, you finally stopped jumping up and down. now you can tell me why erica deserves this. >> she works really hard. we're co-workers and we travel a lot for our jobs. sometimes she just, you know, rolls out of bed and do our thing and head on home. we have a flight this afternoon. and this is the last day in new york, and we're really excited to be here. >> i hope they recognize you from your license when you check in. are you ready to go? >> i'm so excited. my husband is going to get a new
2:25 am
wife when he gets home. he has no idea this is going on. when i get off the plane, he's going to be a little surprised. >> hopefully. >> one last look at our erica before and bring the new erica out. jennifer, you keep that blindfold on, please. >> wow! nice. >> wow. >> you're going to freak. >> all right, jennifer. take it off. >> oh my gosh! you're so gorgeous! >> you really do. turn around. >> oh, my god. >> you look great. >> oh, my gosh. it doesn't even look like me. >> yes, it does. that's the real you. >> beautiful. beautiful. >> oh, no. you're not going to -- you're going to ruin your makeup. >> oh, my gosh. look at the difference. >> okay, louis. >> thank you. >> god bless that we use waterproof makeup. i've lightened her hair, added
2:26 am
extra highlights on the bottom because he does look great, you know, with the depth around the face, provide contrast, which is the most important thing hair color can do. again, layers around the face, kept them long because her hair is fine. makes it look thicker. >> erica, give me one of those, please. >> gorgeous. >> jennifer, what do you think? >> that's a true friend, by the way. true friend. >> you look beautiful. don't cry. don't cry. >> you two really got to get a grip. >> a great investment for spring/summer, a trench coat and a collar. andrew marx. great blue. she didn't have a great pair of jeans. >> now she does. >> all right. let's bring amanda back out. >> great job, guys. >> don't forget, if you want a chance for our makeovers, they've moved to a new day, every thursday. come on down for your chance to receive a brand-new look. >> up next, viral videos that will have people chirping.
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it's time for our special series we call "webtastic" when our sara haines spends countless hours at the computer searching for the next biggest video. you have a video people are going to want to tweet about all day long. >> bluegrass musician josh williams was performing when he got an unlikely visitor. it's a bird, it's a plane, oh, no, wait, it's a bird. check it out. ♪ >> it has over a million hits. this was at a bluegrass festival. >> love bluegrass music. >> he's, like, i don't know what to do here. see the bird on the corner?
2:32 am
>> he didn't want to hurt it. >> he start petting it and the bird stays. he's enjoying the music. >> okay. that's crazy. >> how adorable is that? >> that's crazy. >> he stayed until the end of the song. >> i thought the bird had relieved himself on him, but no. you can tell a lot about that guy, how gentle he is. >> that's what viewers are commenting on, he loved this kind reaction. >> he sang into the microphone at one point, "i don't know what to do." >> sara, thank you. that's great. >> still to come, what is keeping actor wilmer valderrama awake? >> plus, lingerie to make you feel sexy, no matter your age. >> and kathie lee and i go sabre to sabre with a "star wars" clone.
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i've been meaning to thank
2:37 am
you, sir. i've been passed over for detective twice before this assignment, so i'm pretty sure i wouldn't in uniform if you hadn't requested me. >> i didn't request anyone. if you got promoted, it wasn't me. they probably want somebody else to baby sit me. now go check the camera. >> thank you very much. >> yeah. we're back with more of "today." that's a scene from a new drama, "awake," starring jason isaacs and wilmer valderrama. >> he plays the partner and friend of jason's character who was in a car accident and wakes to find himself shuffling between two worlds, unsure of which one is real. >> is it hard to follow because of that at first for the audience? or is it clear? >> i'd say the writers did a really phenomenal job by constructing a format that had something we could really follow. it's -- from the get-go you understand that he finds himself living two dreams, in one, his wife survived the car accident,
2:38 am
and in the other his son has survived the car accident. he's constantly forced to deal with the question, what would you do if you had to cope with this situation and how do you carry on your job as a detective when your cases are intertwining between two realities. >> the way you were cast, and it's quite interesting, i guess jason -- he thought they were discovering a new kid no one had heard about. >> someone saw you in an indie film. >> jason. >> tell us that story. >> it was very funny. jason was the -- he was one of the judges at the edinburgh -- >> film festival. >> in europe. he had seen me in "the dry land," and when he came back and started developing the show and they were about to cast it, jason told howard gordon, the executive partner of "awake," hey, so i know this kid, wilmer valderrama from this movie "the dry land." i don't know if you guys had heard of him. howard goes, well, he's in america. he's been around for a while.
2:39 am
they gave me a call and sent me the script. and it was very flattering. you know, they -- we sat down and the thing that got me was that, you know, we are trying to do something different here. >> yeah. it must be nice not to have to audition for anything anymore. right? >> yeah. it depends on a certain project you would have to -- and it's nice because you really got to get a hold of the character and see if that's something you would play right. but i like challenges and stuff. i don't mind them. but it's really nice when television, you know, people remember you and the studio and the network. >> very different, though. >> yeah. >> and you and jason are having a little love affair, the two of you. what is going on? >> bromance. >> that's the word on the street right now. >> what is happening with you two? >> it's funny. we were talking about that earlier. you know, it's -- he's got an amazing sense of humor, and he's also -- i mean, he's one of my favorite, you know, actors, period, and to me i look up to
2:40 am
him, too. to be able to work with him every day is really fun. but also we're just two big clowns. >> yeah. >> so when we're literally investigating a case and we're, like, he murdered two people yesterday. and -- cut! anyway, and it becomes this whole party. it's very funny. we're going to award shows together. >> you're like a couple. >> we wanted to make you aware that people are talking. >> trending topic. >> we wish you great luck with this show. >> terrific. >> thank you. i really appreciate it. >> and where can people see that show, hodie? >> tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central on nbc. >> up next, how to slip into something a little more comfortable. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery
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well, guess what ? i am. heart disease took my dad's life, but it doesn't have to take mine, because 80% of cardiac events in women may be prevented if we make the right choices. 80%. you may not know you're at risk, but one woman dies every minute from this largely preventable disease. help bring a voice to this silent killer. speak up to save lives at time for "today's style." feeling sexy. if you go to bed each night in an oversized t-shirt and baggy draw-string pants, and you know who you are, you might want to change things up a little bit.
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>> we have the founder of intimacy boutiques to help us find sexy lingerie for women of all ages. good to see you. >> hi. >> you want to get cozy when you get home. >> especially if you've been in spanx all day. >> but the truth is, you know, women should really feel pretty. you know, they want to feel attractive no matter whether they're at home -- >> yeah. >> we've got some attractive stuff that's still comfy. we can get rid of all the frumpy mismatched, sloppy looking styles. >> unless you really love that stuff. >> we'll take you through the decades, something for everybody. this is nicky in her 20s. this is what nikki looks like in her 20s, her before picture. what she likes to hang out in. >> typical. >> cute. >> little short set, little top. >> come on out, nikki. >> but not that sexy. >> let's see the new you. >> hello. >> so pretty. what a gorgeous color. >> it transforms, right? fabulous stretch lace hanky-panky.
2:46 am
it's butter lace. it feels great on. she can transition from day to night in it. >> no one can wear boy shorts. i'm just saying. >> every woman can, i promise. >> really? >> and i don't have those shoes at home. >> you can just throw on a pair of jeans with this and go out. >> thank you, nikki. we've seen enough, sweetie. all right. now we have -- talking about women in their 30s, the comfy 30s. this is a before picture. >> here we really want to dump the sweat suit, as you said, the sweat pants, the cammi. >> come on out. come on. >> give her something a little more stylish. >> fun little cotton, little p.j. with a great bra. something fun, floral, makes you feel fresh even after a long day's work. >> and that's comfortable. >> easy to take it out. she looks good.
2:47 am
>> i bet you're fun at a cocktail party. >> thanks, sweetie. >> moving to our 40s. >> getting close. >> this is billie's before picture. tell us about her before. >> a shapeless night shirt. dump those night shirts. they're not giving us any shape or look. get something a little more >> let's see what billie's got going on. >> is that a cocktail dress? >> a little chemise. it's a beautiful, soft modal, which the fabric feels like on, drapes beautifully on her body. great little bodice. it's giving pretty good breast support. >> yeah. >> she's got on a beautiful little lace top that goes underneath, you can see. >> yeah. >> she can wear something stylish like this. how fun is that? >> the color of spring, too, tangerine. >> also comes in a great navy and a wonderful green. whatever your color palette, we've got something for you. >> this is 50 and over.
2:48 am
>> finally. >> the before picture of laura. cozy. >> she's wearing her leggings and an oversized shirt. >> i like that. >> that's a look a lot of women have at home, but can we give it more shape and style? >> maybe we can. here's laura. >> she looks great. >> silk is a fantastic fabric. every woman should have a silk nightgown. this looks beautiful. she's got great breast support even with a little more volume. obvious we're in the bra business so we're all about giving women uplifts. >> is all this affordable, susan? >> it really is. all of these were in the 100 or less range. every woman should clean out her wardrobe, get rid of the t-shirts and the sweat suits that are not very flattering. and find something that's shapely. >> let's bring everyone out. >> 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and more. >> so glad we stopped at the 50s. >> coming up next on the menu, avocado pesto pasta. that sounds really good. >> right after this.
2:49 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist chris war within your weather channel forecast. for some areas it's going to be an absolute soaker. we're going to see this green here and this green is where the heaviest rain is going to be falling, even a little yellow. that's where we could have the thunderstorms. embedded within this heavy rain, there will be a chance for thunderstorms. early on in the day, still dealing with some of those storms in texas. but you get into north texas, dealing with snow. same story in the northeast, around the great lakes. could see some snow shower activity hanging around and much cooler temperatures for you. after some lower 70s in new york city, the high today, upper 40s, that is it. much, much cooler air. so it's that cold front swinging through, as this cold front moves in, it's bringing a bumpy ride. going to get a break in the southeast, once that cold front
2:50 am
swings through. then we'll see that low start to move back up. so that rain will be sticking around for a few days, starting on thursday. and then going from friday, here it is saturday, and then again on sunday, still dealing with that heavy rain. temperature also begin to rebound for parts of the southeast, but much cooler in the northeast, with readings into the 40s. east texas, louisiana, arkansas, when it's all said and done, some places could have more than six inches of rain. that's the potential for serious flash flooding. the system kicks out, warming back up in houston and dallas. looking at 81 for you in dallas. 80 in houston. so that will help dry things out. still wet around the great lakes on monday. and remember, weekdays on the weather channel, you can "wake up with al." h
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saucy. you know what it is? >> what is it? >> "today's kitchen" getting saucy with vegan chef chloe. >> she took the top prize on "cupcake wars," and now add author to her title, a new book, "chloe's kitchen." nice to see you. >> hello. >> steamy little thing. >> thank you. >> what are you making for us today? >> creamy delicious avocado pesto pasta. >> without any cream. >> no cream, no dairy, low fat, extra healthy. >> okay. >> let's get started. >> okay. fresh basil. >> of course we do. >> we'll add that. and then garlic cloves. >> of course. >> a little bit of lemon juice to brighten the flavor. kathie lee, why don't you add our secret ingredient, the avocados. >> here. put the top on it. >> you're a pro. wait.
2:54 am
just a little bit of salt. you want to add some pepper, hoda. >> okay. yes, i do. >> and a little olive oil. >> always. give it that italian touch. okay. snap that on. there we go. pulse it up. and here we go. we have avocado pesto. >> look at this. >> a little worried about that. here we go. >> we have creamy avocado pesto, so easy to make, like five minutes. we'll scrape it into our cooked linguine. >> is it hot or cold? >> i put it on hot. i like hot pasta. >> you are hot. >> that's what they say. >> beautiful job. and then we're just going to toss it together. it's a very rustic dish. it doesn't take much precision. how do you like it, hoda? >> mmm. good.
2:55 am
>> i got a little tummy thing happening. i'm nervous. >> i'm the tester. >> it smells amazing. >> you wouldn't even know it was vegan, right? >> it tastes premium. i know the taste. >> i know. >> come on back. >> let's go for dessert. i'm always ready for dessert. we're making thin crispy cinnamon espresso chocolate chip cookies today. we have our vegan margarine creamed with sugar. >> how different does that vegan margarine taste? >> it tastes exactly the same. you'll tell me when you taste this. we're going to add just a mix of flour, baking powder instead of eggs, so much less fattening and really simple, easy because you have it on hand. >> okay. >> and a kick of cinnamon. >> i see that on the bottom. >> that's what makes it special and stand out from plain old chocolate chip cookies. >> is that chocolate? >> we have instant espresso mixed in, just a powder, you can buy it from any coffee bar and just mix it up.
2:56 am
and you know what, we have it right here. >> oh! oh, no! you're okay. all right. we've got the dough right here. >> uh-huh. >> we're just going to flatten wit the palm of our hand. >> all right. i'm into this. how long do they cook? >> about 12 minutes. >> 12. >> mm-hmm. >> what do you think? >> they're delicious, really delicious. >> has that coffee flavor. taste of cinnamon. >> that's awesome. good going. >> thank you. you guys are great. >> you are. >> thank you, honey. >> up next, hoda or maybe yoda for this one head to head in a light sabre war. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:57 am
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3:00 am
grab your light sabres, "star wars" fans, bauds we are about to learn some intergalactic moves. sam making his debut in ""star wars": the clone wars." >> his character supposedly died in the "star wars" movies, "the phantom menace," so his miraculous return has been anticipated by sci-fi fans. take a look. >> i was apprentice to the most powerful being in the galaxy once. i was destined to become so much more. but i was denied of that destiny by the jedi by obi-wan kenobi.
3:01 am
>> then you must have your revenge, my brother. >> yes. we shall start with revenge. >> and sam is with us in person today. nice to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> was that a fun phone call to get, when they told you you'd be playing the character? >> a fun phone call when they call you and you're driving down the street, hey, we want you to be darth mau. >> felt like you won the lottery? >> sort of, yes. a lot of fun. >> you sit in front of microphones, act it out, no makeup. >> yeah. >> this character in the first episode died by being sliced in half. >> so sad. >> how do we explain his resurrection? >> lots of cosmetic surgery. new pants because he's got a different waistline now. >> are the "star wars" fans freaking out over this? >> yeah, they are. this is a big deal. this is a bold move. he did, in fact, die, so to bring him back we're reinventing the big bad wolf.
3:02 am
>> dud you get some people that said, don't you mess with that, it's sacred history. >> i think that's why i almost had an accident when i learned about it because i thought, now, it's on me. i'm going to do it well or screw it up. >> we've been teasing this light sabre business. you are going to teach us apparently how to duel. >> apparently. >> yes. >> the question is who wants to be good and who wants to be evil? >> i'll be evil. i'm so good in person. it will be fun to play something else. why is one evil and one good? >> pause it -- because it is. how does mine work? oh. you're red. >> so what happens? >> all right. step over here. what we're going to do, first thing is the ready position, on your right, like this. right hand on the top. you got it. there you go. the first move is just a right swing. >> i'm going to get hoda. >> she knows. >> that's right. so right swing like this, and
3:03 am
then a left swing like this. so let's just see that. >> right. >> one. two. and then drop it down like this for three. all right? so try it again. one, two, drop it down. >> three. >> let's try that again. >> what's the big deal? >> one, two, drop it down. >> they make noise when they hit? >> exactly. >> come to me. >> one, two, and drop it down to three. oh. well done, master hoda. >> that's yoda. because i'm evil. >> the final thing is we're just going to have an overhead cut, right? ready position. >> careful. >> one. one, two, drop it down for three, and then bring it up overhead. >> and done. >> thank you, sweetie. good luck with this. >> you can catch sam on "star wars: the clone wars" friday night on the cartoon network.
3:04 am
>> and tomorrow the little sister of the olson twins, elizabeth, will be here. >> and prom fashion for your teen daughter. >> and donny deutschman is back. >> have an awesome thirst day. see you tomorrow. try day friday. >> yes, we will. ns >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television


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